Towers Are Closed For The Season

Hi Everyone,

As the access to the towers will be marginal over the next couple of days due to snow (heavy snow is expected to fall on Palomar tonight) and more rain is expected next week, we have decided the towers will remain closed. If you were scheduled for the last few shifts, you will be credited for it.

Santa Ana conditions are still predicted for December so we are doing a soft close:
That means official shifts for the year have finished. If the Santa Ana’s come up we will put out an email asking for  people to emergency staff HP and BH.

At some point in mid December, the tower leaders will put out a request for crews to close the towers fully for the winter.

I’ll be putting out an email soon  but our Annual Potluck will be on Saturday 1/11/20, in San Marcos from 12-3pm so please keep the date free.

Thank you everyone for your efforts this season, I appreciate it.