State Park Volunteer Training/Orientation Update – Please Read

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Hi State Park People,

I spoke to Dennis Stephens from Cuyamacha today and got some more information on the training for the new hours website and orientation. The main reason for the training is to get everyone throughout the state parks system standardized with procedures. It covers more than the orientation provided by Jessica in the past.

Training Date 1/26/19:
If you sent an email to Jessica to sign up for that date and haven’t heard back yet, dont worry, Jessica is on leave until 12/26th. If you dont get on that training date there will be plenty of other opportunities. They have a lot of people to get through and this training will be carrying on for the next couple of seasons.  If you dont get selected for the 1/26/19 training it will not impact or affect your work at Boucher Hill. If you do get selected for the training it is a non uniform event.

I sent your user-name and password to you the other week via email and asked that you make sure you can log on to the website. Thanks to those of you that reported back with a successful log-in.

Some of you are already working for other departments in the state park system and already using the new hours website for that. If you have a user id that is different from the one I sent you, please contact your State Park liaison for that department and talk to them about merging the two profiles together.

If you aren’t working for another state park department and the user-name/password I gave you doesnt work, then please let me know. 

I will be working with Jessica and Dennis next year to get the events loaded into the new website so you will be able to log your BH shifts on the website and log any admin hours.

If you are a State Park Volunteer and you did not get a user-name and password email from me then you need to let me know asap.

I will give you more information as it becomes available to me, but the takeaway message from this is… Business as usual for next season, dont sweat it if you dont/cant make early training.

If you have any questions, dont reply to this email. Send me an email direct to


Shane Harris (1)