Reconnect 2019 Date

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Hi Everyone,

Reconnect this year is at the Outdoor School Centre inside the Palomar Mountain State Park. This is the same location as  last year and the year before.

The date is Saturday 4/20/19
0900 – 1400hrs.

The hope is the veterans will be released before 1400 hrs but as we have to do the fire shelter training, I have left time in to cover for that. You may want to bring your lunch or a snack.

More information will come out later once timings are fine tuned with the USFS.

The usual rules will apply: If you cant make reconnect you will have to make arrangements with Palomar station to do the fire shelter video and practical test.  The USFS will keep a list of people that missed reconnect so they will know who needs to do the training. This is an annual safety requirement to work the towers. We do it exactly the same as every fire related crew on the CNF.

Also if you miss reconnect or didn’t get the required minimum shifts in 2018 then you will have to do your first shift with a trainer. I will be sending emails to those of you that didn’t get the required number of shifts last year soon.

Also, a reminder. The deadline to let us know if your are returning is 1/31/19. Most of you have already replied. Those that haven’t will get an email mid January and then a final one at  the end of the month.

If you have any questions, please DON’T reply directly to this email. Contact me at instead.


Shane Harris