Ramon Update 1/5/19

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Below is the latest update from Rose, Ramons wife. Ramon did show up at the potluck on Saturday but only briefly, just to wave the flag and say hello. It was good to seem him up and mobile.


Good Morning,
I certainly hope Everyone had a better start to Their New Year than We did!

We went for Our Weekly Lab work & ended up in the Emergency Department – Rae was writhing in pain & ashen in color. After several tests were run & waiting 4 hours We found out He had kidney stones – They gave Us 3 options – admittance through ER/ED, go home & watch/wait, etc…or, They contact the BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant Team) and be admitted to the BMT floor. I told Them that since He is a BMT Patient We should go that route – so They agreed – then the Urology Team came down & informed Us that was what would happen – They would give the stone (8.8 mm in size) 24-36 hours to see if it would/could break up & pass on its own – if that didn’t happen They would then go in surgically & hopefully remove it by breaking it up – worse case They would place a stint in the uretre so that it would remain open.

Thursday They did the procedure & They were able to remove the stone which had started breaking up but was still too large to pass on its own (over 5 mm). Following the procedure They released Him into My care – I decided to go back to My Dad’s which is only 10 miles away vs. 35 in case there was an emergency. Thankfully, there was no emergency and after breakfast yesterday I drove home w/Rae – which is where We are now.

This is the first time that He has had to go back to the hospital since coming home from the BMT procedure. Thank You for all of Your thoughts & prayers – they are definitely appreciated! Praying that the rest of the New Year goes smoothly now!
Take care & keep in touch.