No Burn Days By Proclamation Now In Effect

Hi All,

Im a couple of days late with this, but San Diego County is now under a No Burn Days by proclamation.

For our new people (and a refresher to our veterans), this means that general fire permits for people to burn residential rubbish is rescinded until further notice. You will hear the ECC giving the message “It is a no burn day in all air basins by proclamation” when they do the morning weather announcement.

The practical message for the lookouts is, you no longer have to look at a smoke and worry if its a permitted burn or not

This will remain in effect until Cal Fire say otherwise, usually towards the end of the season.

As we have seen over the last couple of days with all towers making multiple smoke reports each, conditions are getting perfect for fires.

Thanks for everyone’s efforts so far, we have a long way to go.