High Point for 11/23/2018

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From:Mike Shaw
1st Lookout:44-Shaw, Mike(V)

In Service: 0749 – 1557 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:At 1450 I spotted a small smoke at 215 degrees/2.5 miles in the upper Mendenhall Valley area. It stayed small and localized and disappeared after 15 minutes so I didn’t report it.

Weather:Temps in the mid-40’s, 70% humidity and 15 MPH NW winds early that lessened as the day progressed. A band of clouds that reached over 6000′ persisted to the south and west. Those clouds reached High Point from the NW by the end of the day.

Communications: VOIP/internet checked OK. Good LBR with Boucher.
Heard the “High Point bang” at the SE corner at 0846 and 1520.

Number of Visitors: 2 hikers for 1060 on the year.

Additional Information:I’ve attached a picture of the fire tower I’m building in my yard in Scripps Ranch. I’m hoping to get FFLA certification so I can cut my commute next season.

Shanes note: Nice tower Mike, we’ll get you on the schedule for next season

Boucher Hill for 11/23/2018

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From:John P Clark
1st Lookout:-, John P Clark(T)

In Service: 0750 – 1600 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:None

Weather:DB 46/50 WB 37/45 Hum 44/70 DP 25/41
WS 13/3 Vis poor/poor Sky con Cirrus East&South Marine layer 5000ft + inland 35 miles. Boucher was above layer until 1300 hrs then in and out of the cloud rest of the day.

Communications: VOIP had to be reset in AM. Good the rest of the day. CNF/ Surcom/LBR loud and clear.

Number of Visitors: 42/101 10,304 total for year.

Additional Information:Alot of hikers and visitors. Easy to handle since most of the day it was poor visibility.

All State Park Volunteers Please Read

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Hi Boucher Staff,

The State Parks are implementing a new hours recording system for next season, all State Park Volunteers, including Boucher Lookouts will be required to attend an orientation training session at Cyamacha State Park to learn this system.

The training dates are:
Nov 30 2018
Dec 3 2018
Jan 29 2019

9am -4pm.

Details on how to sign up for one of these dates is still to given to us. As soon as I get this information I will pass it onto you.
I am hoping that State Parks will allow one or two of us to be trained and then train you and our future lookouts so you dont have to go to one of these training sessions but I dont have an answer on that yet.

It is simply a matter of logging into a website and recording Boucher hours directly with the state. You will still be required to log monthly hours with the FFLA as usual. If you dont record your hours with the state then you wont be eligible for the annual state pass.

As soon as I have more information from State Parks I will share it with you all.

Shane Harris

State Park Volunteer Appreciation Event – Reminder 12/2/18

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Hi Everyone,

This is a reminder about the State Park Appreciation event for the Boucher Lookouts. So far only 18 people have signed up. 

Come and socialize with your follow Boucher lookouts and other volunteers in the park.

The details are below

Sunday 12/2/18 starting at 5pm

Venue: The Lodge
22228 Crestline Road
Palomar Mountain.

Please bring your favourite side dish or desert to share. Partners are welcome.

Please rsvp to Jessica no later than 11/26/18 at jessica.murany@parks.ca.gov

Filling Out Daily Log Sheets Correctly

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Hi Everyone,

A couple of minor but no less important points. I was at Boucher yesterday and as I was reading back through previous logs i noticed a number of issues that are reoccurring:

Time Out Of Tower: People are leaving this field empty and in some cases the radio transmissions to CNF/Surcom for oos are not being recorded either. Please ,make sure you record all radio transmissions and record your time out of the tower. These are official documents and need to be completed accurately.

The radio channel recording fields:
Some people are recording Forest Net as the Base radio Group and the channel as number 1 in the daily log.

The default radio group is Cleveland National Forest, Forest Net is not a Group, its a channel and as such the radio channels have names not numbers,there is no channel 1. You should be recording whatever information you see when you turn the radio on. It appears that some people have simply been recording whatever was put in the previous days log. this needs to be recorded correctly. Please remember, this procedure is so you can verify you are on the correct radio group, channel and tone.


Shane Harris.

High Point for 11/22/2018

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From:Leif Blensly
1st Lookout:6-Blensly, Leif(T)

In Service: 0752 – 1500 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:None

Weather:DB 40/39; WB 42/38; H 100/93; DP 40/37; winds from the west 7-12 all day. Zero visibility at in service. Improved some throughout the day and degraded. Was raining over night and early morning.

Communications: Good comms with CNF and BH.

Additional Information:Had water intrusion above south facing windows. Moved items off the south counter on to the table. Please leave them there. Used the large brown towel to soak up the water and dried it in the sun (what there was).

Boucher Hill for 11/22/2018

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From:Shane Harris
1st Lookout:1-Harris, Shane(T)

In Service: 0750 – 1400 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:None

Weather:Dry 45/48, Wet 44/45, RH 86/81, Dew 41/42, Wind SW 8-10mph gusting 27mph/NW 7-8mph, Visibility Poor (zero)/Good, Sky Fog/Alto Cumulus, No M/L

Communications: Good comms with CNF, Surcom and HP on LBR. Dial tone on voip phone but it needed to rebooted a couple of times. I’ll send Don a separate email with details. The calls were clear however.

Number of Visitors: 2am/6pm. 8 total for day, 10161 for the year

Additional Information:There were a number of rocks on South Grade on the drive up this morning. From in service until about 1230 the tower was socked in. It was raining and chilly. Just as I was deciding to call it quits for the day the low cloud rolled back and I had great views in all directions with the clouds just above the top of the tower. This only lasted an hour and by 1330 the fog had rolled back in. I made the decision to leave at 1400hrs. As i drove down the mountain into sunshine and relatively clear skys i could see the clouds keeping Boucher hidden.

Boucher Hill for 11/21/2018

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From:Rick Fitch
1st Lookout:56-Fitch, Frederick(V)

In Service: 0755 – 1605 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:None.

Weather:AM/PM: dry bulb 50/55, wet 40/45, humidity 43/48, dewpoint 28/36, wind SE 4 mph/SW 6 mph, visibility fair/fair, sky scattered cirrus in all directions/heavier scattered cirrus in all directions plus haze. The marine layer was more like a haze layer in the morning at 1,300 feet. It became coastal in the afternoon.

Communications: Excellent reception all day, including Cleveland and Surcom on the radios and High Point and Red Mountain on the LBR. The VOIP phone also worked well.

Number of Visitors: 15 in the morning and 51 in the afternoon for a daily total of 66 and a season total of 10,153. It seemed as if some people were getting an early start to the Thanksgiving holiday by visiting Boucher. The visitor count included  numerous hikers who took advantage of the good weather trails in the state park.

High Point for 11/21/2018

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From:Leif Blensly
1st Lookout:6-Blensly, Leif(T)

In Service: 0751 – 1611 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:None

Weather:DB 43/48; WB 35/40; H 49/53; DP 25/32, winds from SE 7-10, Fair visibility with heavy haze, Cirrus clouds.

Communications: Good comms with CNF. LBR very clear with BH and Red. VOIP phone good with BH.

Number of Visitors: 1/1, total=1058

Additional Information:Patrol 32 said he was closing both hwy 79 gates. As Harry stated yesterday, both anemometers are not working. I’ll take the worst one home to see if I can fix it. Added 3 gallons of water to the Port-O and did the Waite stir. Should be good for another week. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving!

High Point for 11/20/2018

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From:Harry Mitchell
1st Lookout:74-Mitchell, Harry(V)

In Service: 0725 – 1557 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:none

Weather:47 this morning and heated up to a toasty 55,winds 8-10 mph all day from the southeast.

Communications: Good LBR with BH and RM.VOIP loud and clear with BH

Additional Information:Nice quiet day. Anemometer stopped working during afternoon reading.