CNF Prescribed Burns – Starting today 11/28/18

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The following is off the CNF facebook page today. Both BH and HP were informed by the ECC during in service.

Prescribed burns are scheduled to begin on the Cleveland again, with several planned for today. A 45 acre broadcast burn on Mt. Laguna along Los Huecos Rd. will be viable along Sunrise Highway, Interstate 8, Lyons Valley, and the community of Alpine. Palomar will be conducting a pile burn adjacent to Palomar Mountain in cooperation with CAL FIRE San Diego/San Diego County Fire Authority Smoke may be visible from Pamo Valley.

District treatment goals vary from 500 to 800 with an anticipated completion date of May 2019. Last year, the Cleveland hit a record high 5200 total acres treated. This was only achievable because of the hard work from Forest Service Firefighters and cooperators.

High Point for 11/27/2018

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From:Robert Baker
1st Lookout:73-Baker, Robert(V)

In Service: 0815 – 1550 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:NONE


Communications: LBR WITH BOUCHER

Number of Visitors: 1 FOR 1063 FOR YEAR


Boucher Hill for 11/27/2018

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From:John Downing
1st Lookout:29-Downing, John(T)
2nd Lookout: 29-Downing, P (V)

In Service: 0758 – 1600 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:Information Only: 272 degrees, 18 miles, Pendelton.

Weather:Nice day with moderate temperatures and very good visibility. DB: 58/60; H:21/27; Winds: 4-7 NW to SW.

Communications: All coms good. Voip working fine.

Number of Visitors: 18/10555

Additional Information:Spotted a murder of crows circling to the south of the tower chasing a large bird, very large. A beautiful bald eagle. First eagle sighting for us at Boucher. Also saw a cat on the access road when arriving. Looked like a juvenile bobcat but had a tail longer than usual. Feral cat? When going into service spotted smoke near the coast in the area of National City. At 0945 spotted a smoke south of San Miguel Mtn. 181 degrees 45-50 miles. Before we could report (for information) there was a full response to east Chula Vista near Otay Lake. According to news sources it burned about 10 acres adjacent to a new housing tract. Forgot to bring trash bags and the lookout has none to be found.

Upcoming Prescribed Burn – Unknown Date at This Time

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The USFS have a prescribed burn planned for the 70 acres that is shares the southerly line of Section 14 with Crestline and Birch Hill. (The 70 acres is the blue wavy triangle piece in the photo, just above East Grade).  They have prepared the land with a masticator and hand crews to stage piles for burning.  
When the soil is damp enough, weather conditions right and the crew in place, the burn will take place. There is no date given at this stage but with the coming rain I would expect it to happen before the end of season. If I get a date I will update everyone.

Thanks Scott for passing this info on.



Boucher Hill for 11/26/2018

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1st Lookout:85-Holcomb, Ken(C)
2nd Lookout: 41-Clark,J(T)

In Service: 0742 – 1600 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:None

Weather:51/59 F with very light winds from the east. No clouds. Visibility very good with no marine layer. Point Loma and islands in full view.

Communications: LBR good with HP. VOIP needed reboot and then operational. Went out of service with VOIP. Radio seem to not be received at ECC. Understand they are working on the radios.

Number of Visitors: 15 for the day. Total for the year: 10,537

Additional Information:Still beautiful gold color on the oak trees. Pleasant day in the tower.
No more trash bags, that we could find.
Left notes on three cars of hikers that had not returned by 1600.

High Point for 11/26/2018

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1st Lookout:22-Bertram, Skylar(C)
2nd Lookout: 36-Timmes,D(V)

In Service: 0735 – 1558 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:No reports made

Weather:Very clear and slightly cool day. Winds were about 6 mile per hour all day coming form the east. 50 to 60 degrees for the day.

Communications: LBR base was good with BH. Handheld LBR was a bit scratchy.

Number of Visitors: 0, YTD 1062

Additional Information:The “HP Bang” was heard today. Dan stated that it sounds like something adjusting from the heating and cooling during the day. There was a smoke visible, but it was not called in. This was due to the location was out of out call-in area. (322 deg behind Ontario Peak). Confirming that the base to tower phones do not work. We tried to troubleshoot the phones but no luck.

Boucher Hill for 11/25/2018

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From:Stephen Ruesch
1st Lookout:82-Ruesch, Stephen(C)

In Service: 0750 – 1558 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:None

Weather:DB 49/58, WB 41/47, RH 53/46 DP 32/376, WDir NE/SW, WSpd 7/6, Good 25 mi/Good 20 mi, SKY Clear/Scattered Cumulus, Marine layer – none.

Communications: In-service CNF w/ WX and SURCOM. VOIP working, call from HP. Good LBR w/ HP.

Number of Visitors: 33/47 = 80 YTD 10,522

Additional Information:Visibility greatly improved over past few days with visibility today to coast line and to San Diego and Point Loma areas.

High Point for 11/25/2018

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From:Marianne Furtado
1st Lookout:68-Furtado, Marianne(C)
2nd Lookout: 93 – Furtado, R (C)

In Service: 0750 – 1555 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:0935: Spotted a twisted plume of white smoke ~20 miles at 176 degrees; dissipated in 15 min, so did not report. No other incidents.

Weather:Mid to high 40s all day; humidity 60%; clear skies with very good visibility (our first time seeing the ocean and San Diego skyline from HP!) Increasing haze and high clouds later in the day.

Communications: Good comm with BH on LBR and VOIP. No response from RM on LBR. No problem with VOIP all day; however the tower base-to-cab phone doesn’t seem to be working.

Number of Visitors: 2 hikers in the pm. YTD total 1062.

Additional Information:I think we heard the mysterious “HP Bang” a couple times!
Looks like we’re down to one last Swiffer wet wipe and only 3 or 4 trash bags (that we could find.)

Boucher Hill for 11/24/2018

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1st Lookout:59-Gay, Stephen(V)
2nd Lookout: 60-Hall,C(V)

In Service: 0720 – 1406 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:None

DB 43/45 WB 42/45 RH 93/100 DP 41/45

The day started with fair visibility but by 0745 the fog surrounded the tower and never left.

Communications: Good comms with CNF,SURCOM and High Point on LBR and phone.

Number of Visitors: 138

Additional Information:The day was dedicated to the visitors who enjoyed the tower visit, fall colors and cool temps. No fire lookoutting today with visibility of less then half mile.

High Point for 11/24/2018

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From:Kathy Pratschner
1st Lookout:55-Pratschner, Kathy(V)

In Service: 0800 – 1330 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:none

Weather:Temp 39 at in service, dry and wet bulb were the same for that unlikely 100% RH reading and DP same as air temp, although it didn’t actually rain. Temp topped out at 44. Visibility Fair at in service and almost immediately reduced to zero with only brief moments of visibility 5-10 miles.
Wind NW 14-16 AM, calmed a bit 8-12 PM.
Out of service early 1330 due to visibility.

Communications: Good LBR and VOIP with Boucher, conferred on weather and visibility. Leif got a busy signal when he called in the afternoon so I disconnected and reconnected the phone with success.
Light radio and scanner traffic, but lots of Spanish language traffic on scanner, diez-quatro (10-4 for the non Spanish speakers)

Number of Visitors: No visitors, no critters.
1060 visitors YTD

Additional Information:I heard the mysterious HP ‘bang’ 4 times.
AM weather forecast indicated potential return to mild offshore flow and drop in humidity Sun PM through Tues.