2019 State Parks District and VIP Passes Delay

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Hi Everyone,

This is for the Boucher People.

State Parks have informed me that there will be a delay in printing the 2019 State Park passes for those people that made the required amount of hours in 2018. They don’t know when they will be available but last years passes will be valid until the new ones are issued. This applies to the district pass and also the state wide VIP passes

If you were new to us in 2018, and don’t have a previous pass, unfortunately there isn’t anything I can do about this. I will keep an eye on the situation and will update everyone as soon as I am made aware of any news.



Potluck Reminder – Saturday 1/5/19

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Hi Everyone,

A reminder that our potluck is this Saturday 1/5/19

12pm – 3pm at the San Marcos Senior Center which is located at 111 Richmar Ave, San Marcos, CA 92069.

Everyone bring your favourite dish to share and your significant others are welcome.
If you are a ham radio user, Glen Borland will have a table there for anyone that wants to update their radios.

We will be taking our annual photo at the end so please wear your uniform.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly at training@ffla-sandiego.org


Shane Harris

High Point for 12/01/2018

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From:Leif Blensly
1st Lookout:6-Blensly, Leif(T)

In Service: 0759 – 1557 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:None

Weather:Chilly! Never got above 37, winds from the west 8-15. Visibility poor/fair/poor/fair……

Communications: Good Comms with CNF and BH

Number of Visitors: 2. Total for the year = 1067

Additional Information:Have a good holiday!

Boucher Hill for 12/01/2018

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From:Randy Lowenstein
1st Lookout:88-Lowenstein, Randy(V)
2nd Lookout: 89-Lowenstein,D (V)

In Service: 0736 – 1547 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:1505hrs. smoke @ 277° @ 28mi. on Camp Pendleton (info only) within 10 minutes after seeing the smoke the clouds moved back in and was unable to see, no lightning or other incidents

Weather:am=DB37/39, WB35/39, humidity 84%/ 100%, DP33°/39°, wind W@5/ S/SW@12 w/gusts to 18, visibility Poor heavy fog/ Poor w/heavy fog, clouds finally cleared @ 1405 w/ 7mi visibility, only lasted 1hr. and then zero visibility.

Communications: Good clear communication w/ CNF & Surcom & HP on the LBR, VOIP was out of order, after reset it worked good. Very light radio traffic.

Number of Visitors: am=9, pm=25, Daily Total=34, Yearly Total=10601

Additional Information:Outside temp remained @ 37° all day, 40° in cab upon arrival.
While locking up the lower gate after my shift I glanced back up the road and saw what looked like a small mountain lion, it stood there and stared at me then turned and strolled up the hill.( unable to get a pix) I spoke with Jessica and she felt that based on my description it could possibly be a mtn. lion. She was going to investigate further. A few shifts back I read in the blog another sighting was made and at first thought to be a feral cat, but may have been the same mtn. lion I saw today. Jessica stated that there were no feral cats on the mtn. I cleaned all woodwork inside of the cab & swept floors & stairs and cleaned handrails. Charged all radio batteries. Until next season, Happy Holidays….. KCB591

Boucher Hill for 11/30/2018

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From:Kevin Lares
1st Lookout:65-Lares, Kevin(V)
2nd Lookout: 76-Drilling, Greg (V)

In Service: 0725 – 1140 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:nothing

Weather:The drive up the S-7 provided fog, rain and limited visibility with things only getting worse at the tower. A cool 37 degrees with fog and rain giving approximately 50-75 feet of visibility. The space heater was a bonus.

Communications: The expertly placed trash can controlled the water flow and collected half a bucket of water.
A simple reset of the Voip solved the problem. Good communications with HP.

High Point for 11/30/2018

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From:Dan Timmes
1st Lookout:36-Timmes, Dan(V)

In Service: 753 – 1202 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:None

Weather:Cloudy,rainy .37° at start rose to 42 by Midday. Winds from west at 20 ,steady.

Communications: Good LBR with Boucher

Number of Visitors: 2/1065 . 2 runners Mike & Keith left Oak Grove at 7:00 got to High Point at 9:30.

Additional Information:Patches of snow at 6,000 feet that all melted by Midday.