Reconnect 2019 Date

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Hi Everyone,

Reconnect this year is at the Outdoor School Centre inside the Palomar Mountain State Park. This is the same location as  last year and the year before.

The date is Saturday 4/20/19
0900 – 1400hrs.

The hope is the veterans will be released before 1400 hrs but as we have to do the fire shelter training, I have left time in to cover for that. You may want to bring your lunch or a snack.

More information will come out later once timings are fine tuned with the USFS.

The usual rules will apply: If you cant make reconnect you will have to make arrangements with Palomar station to do the fire shelter video and practical test.  The USFS will keep a list of people that missed reconnect so they will know who needs to do the training. This is an annual safety requirement to work the towers. We do it exactly the same as every fire related crew on the CNF.

Also if you miss reconnect or didn’t get the required minimum shifts in 2018 then you will have to do your first shift with a trainer. I will be sending emails to those of you that didn’t get the required number of shifts last year soon.

Also, a reminder. The deadline to let us know if your are returning is 1/31/19. Most of you have already replied. Those that haven’t will get an email mid January and then a final one at  the end of the month.

If you have any questions, please DON’T reply directly to this email. Contact me at instead.


Shane Harris

Ramon Update 1/5/19

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Below is the latest update from Rose, Ramons wife. Ramon did show up at the potluck on Saturday but only briefly, just to wave the flag and say hello. It was good to seem him up and mobile.


Good Morning,
I certainly hope Everyone had a better start to Their New Year than We did!

We went for Our Weekly Lab work & ended up in the Emergency Department – Rae was writhing in pain & ashen in color. After several tests were run & waiting 4 hours We found out He had kidney stones – They gave Us 3 options – admittance through ER/ED, go home & watch/wait, etc…or, They contact the BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant Team) and be admitted to the BMT floor. I told Them that since He is a BMT Patient We should go that route – so They agreed – then the Urology Team came down & informed Us that was what would happen – They would give the stone (8.8 mm in size) 24-36 hours to see if it would/could break up & pass on its own – if that didn’t happen They would then go in surgically & hopefully remove it by breaking it up – worse case They would place a stint in the uretre so that it would remain open.

Thursday They did the procedure & They were able to remove the stone which had started breaking up but was still too large to pass on its own (over 5 mm). Following the procedure They released Him into My care – I decided to go back to My Dad’s which is only 10 miles away vs. 35 in case there was an emergency. Thankfully, there was no emergency and after breakfast yesterday I drove home w/Rae – which is where We are now.

This is the first time that He has had to go back to the hospital since coming home from the BMT procedure. Thank You for all of Your thoughts & prayers – they are definitely appreciated! Praying that the rest of the New Year goes smoothly now!
Take care & keep in touch.


2019 State Parks District and VIP Passes Delay

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Hi Everyone,

This is for the Boucher People.

State Parks have informed me that there will be a delay in printing the 2019 State Park passes for those people that made the required amount of hours in 2018. They don’t know when they will be available but last years passes will be valid until the new ones are issued. This applies to the district pass and also the state wide VIP passes

If you were new to us in 2018, and don’t have a previous pass, unfortunately there isn’t anything I can do about this. I will keep an eye on the situation and will update everyone as soon as I am made aware of any news.



Potluck Reminder – Saturday 1/5/19

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Hi Everyone,

A reminder that our potluck is this Saturday 1/5/19

12pm – 3pm at the San Marcos Senior Center which is located at 111 Richmar Ave, San Marcos, CA 92069.

Everyone bring your favourite dish to share and your significant others are welcome.
If you are a ham radio user, Glen Borland will have a table there for anyone that wants to update their radios.

We will be taking our annual photo at the end so please wear your uniform.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly at


Shane Harris

State Park Volunteer Training/Orientation Update – Please Read

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Hi State Park People,

I spoke to Dennis Stephens from Cuyamacha today and got some more information on the training for the new hours website and orientation. The main reason for the training is to get everyone throughout the state parks system standardized with procedures. It covers more than the orientation provided by Jessica in the past.

Training Date 1/26/19:
If you sent an email to Jessica to sign up for that date and haven’t heard back yet, dont worry, Jessica is on leave until 12/26th. If you dont get on that training date there will be plenty of other opportunities. They have a lot of people to get through and this training will be carrying on for the next couple of seasons.  If you dont get selected for the 1/26/19 training it will not impact or affect your work at Boucher Hill. If you do get selected for the training it is a non uniform event.

I sent your user-name and password to you the other week via email and asked that you make sure you can log on to the website. Thanks to those of you that reported back with a successful log-in.

Some of you are already working for other departments in the state park system and already using the new hours website for that. If you have a user id that is different from the one I sent you, please contact your State Park liaison for that department and talk to them about merging the two profiles together.

If you aren’t working for another state park department and the user-name/password I gave you doesnt work, then please let me know. 

I will be working with Jessica and Dennis next year to get the events loaded into the new website so you will be able to log your BH shifts on the website and log any admin hours.

If you are a State Park Volunteer and you did not get a user-name and password email from me then you need to let me know asap.

I will give you more information as it becomes available to me, but the takeaway message from this is… Business as usual for next season, dont sweat it if you dont/cant make early training.

If you have any questions, dont reply to this email. Send me an email direct to


Shane Harris (1)

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

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Hi Everyone,

I am leaving for Wisconsin in a couple of days and I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their efforts during the 2018 season and to wish you all safe and happy holidays.

Don’t forget the potluck on 1/5/19. If you are attending and haven’t let us know yet, please send an email to Sara at

Also if you are returning/not returning for the 2019 season and haven’t told us yet, please send an email to Sara at

Thank You all and I look forward to seeing everyone in 2019.


Shane Harris

State Park Volunteer Training Sign Up.

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Hi Everyone,

Im am going to be sending you individual emails with your user-name and password for the new State Parks hours reporting website. I will also send you an instructional pdf.

Please make sure you can sign into the website. Right now there are no activities that relate to us (Fire lookouts) on the website so dont worry about it any further than being able to log-in for right now..

Everyone is required to do the training. The current date that is available is Saturday 1/26/19 in Anza Borrego


University of California, Irvine
Steele/Burnand Anza-Borrego Desert Research Ctr.  
401 Tilting T. Drive
Borrego Springs, CA 92004-2098

To sign up for this you will need to send an email to Jessica directly at (Do not reply to this email)

Spaces are limited so if you don’t make it to this training , you will have to wait until they release further training dates. They are aware of our unique situation and will be trying to work with us in the future.

I am waiting to find out if this is a uniform wearing event.

If you already work for SPs in different roles, you are most likely already on the system. Please ensure that your user-name I send you is the same one that you have been issued by SPs. If its not then you will need to contact SPs and find out if they want you to use different user-names for the lookout hours. My guess is they wont, but that is obviously up to them to sort out.

If you have any issues logging into the state park website or you are a SP volunteer and you didn’t get an email from me then please either email me at or you can call me at 760-310-4879

I do not know if this will work on a smart-phone or tablet.



We have enough people for Boucher Closing

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Boucher Closing Crew –

Thanks to everyone for the responses. I have limited the number of people helping with closing to avoid “tripping” over each other. I have sent a group email to those folks who answered first. See you on the 15th.


Need Help Closing Boucher HIll – 12/15/18

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Boucher Tower Closing –

I am looking at closing up Boucher on Saturday, Dec. 15. I’d like to start at 0900 hrs. and be done by 1200 hrs if not sooner. I need the help of 3 – 4 people.

If you are able to lend a hand…contact me through scheduling.

Thank you to everyone for a great season. 2019 is just around the corner.