Los Pinos for 09/24/2018

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From:Curt Waite
1st Lookout:99-Waite, Curt(T)

In Service: 0730 – 1800 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:No reports.

Weather:High – 73, Low – 64. Winds light and variable all morning, then moderate from the west in afternoon. Pretty extensive marine layer (2500 ft.) never really burned off. Visibility went from very good to good due to haze. One wx update for winds. RH 18%.

Communications: In and out with RM, BH and HP. Some problem somewhere…

Additional Information:Good visit with Duncan (Com-27) who came up to program our HT’s.

High Point for 09/24/2018

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From:Samantha Tait
1st Lookout:78-Tait, Samantha(V)
2nd Lookout: 77-Tait,B(V)

In Service: 0853 – 1655 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:None

Weather:High of 68 with humidity ending around 40. Winds picked up around noon and reported weather update to CNF as it went from 2 to 8 with gusts of 15 to 20 from South. Clouds stayed pretty clear with some cirrus to north. Marine Layer stayed around today.

Communications: Lbr comms worked with Boucher but was scratchy and they could not hear us from Los pinos. Red mountain heard us but was scratchy still.

Additional Information:White shirt hanging behind door. And there is a note that the USFS flag is too torn to fly.

Boucher Hill for 09/24/2018

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From:David Stone
1st Lookout:-, (V)

In Service: 0825 – :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:0848 Cleveland – Smoke Report – Info – Convection in the marine layer. Curt said it might be the ice cream factory which may have been venting dry ice.

Weather:DB 73 WB 57 H 39 DP 47 WD ESE WS 1 VS Poor SC Clear ML 1000

DB 73 WB 58 H 42 DP 49 WD N WS 4 VS Poor SC Clear ML 1000

Communications: 0837 Cleveland – In service w/wx
0838 Surcom – In service
1656 Cleveland – OOS
1658 Surcom – OOS
Comm chk with Los Pinos, High Point, and Red Mountain

Number of Visitors: 7180
3 am
12 pm

Additional Information:Jim finished painting the windows.

Shanes Note: The clipboard hanging on the Osborne pedestal has a clipboard with the list of known false smokes and illusions on it

Location of Forms at BH

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At some point during the season, people have decided to change the location of forms in the cab without consulting others.

1. Smoke Report sheets: The place for smoke report sheets is in the white ring binder in the bookcase, NOT on the clipboard on the Osborne pedestal. This has already lead to people thinking the clipboard is the correct location for the smoke reports and mistakenly thinking we have run out.  Putting  smoke reports on the clipboard has covered up other important information that was on there.

2. List of false smokes/optical illusions. This list (which will be updated for the new year) lives on the aforementioned clipboard but apparently people are not aware of its existence (possibly because it is covered by other forms)

Forms are kept in one centralized location so everyone knows where they are. Please dont change locations of forms just because you might think its more convenient without talking to the tower leader.  One of the main reasons that there arent forms kept on a clipboard at BH is because of the number of visitors in the tower and forms can get pulled off the clipboard, especially by our younger visitors.


Shane (1)

Help Needed For Apple Festival Sunday Oct 21st

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Hi Everyone,

Its the annual apple festival again at the Palomar Mountain State Park and Jessica is asking for help.

I have two requests this year:

1. I need between 2 – 4 people to volunteer to run the FFLA booth this season. If you want to do it, please contact me directly at training@ffla-sandiego.org. The booth is being used the day before at another event so there will need to be some prior coordination to pick it up/ drop it back to Sara Jones in Valley Centre. Ideally at least one of you should have done this before.

2. Ranger Jessica needs about 10 people or more for traffic and crowd control/parking. If you can help out please email her directly at jessica.murany@parks.ca.gov for the details of where/when to meet.

This request is open to all FFLA members, not just State Park volunteers. Uniform is required for the event.

Do not reply to this email.


Shane Harris (1)

Los Pinos for 09/23/2018

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From:Dave Fleming
1st Lookout:23-Fleming, Dave(V)

In Service: 0730 – 1800 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:None

Weather:Temps in low 70’s all day. RH: 32/33, Marine layer in 25 miles, cleared by noon. Scattered cumulus, Alto cumulus, cirrus, Normal wind pattern of 10-15 in AM, 20-25 mid day, 8-10 evening. Visibility was 20 miles with haze and normal haze patterns continued into the evening.

Communications: Good coms with hp,BH,RM

Number of Visitors: 14 / 1204

Additional Information:Our watering hole has had a Quail invasion over the past few days causing chaos in the bird world and smaller 4 legged critters. Night time visitors still dominated by Gray Fox, Ringtail cats, skunks and mice. Fun to watch Natures own domestic drama’s!

Boucher Hill for 09/23/2018

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From:Ken Holcomb
1st Lookout:85-Holcomb, Ken(C)
2nd Lookout: 55 K Pratschner

In Service: 0825 – 1710 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:None

Weather:Pleasant all day. 72 am/74 pm Light winds from the south.

Fair visability

Communications: All comms operational. Base LBR working in both Tx and Rc. VOIP phone working also, no reboot needed. HP, LP, and RM loud and clear on the base LBR

Number of Visitors: 49 morning/27 afternoon/ 7180 total for the year

High Point for 09/23/2018

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From:Stephen Ruesch
1st Lookout:82-Ruesch, Stephen(C)

In Service: 0825 – 1655 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:None

Weather:DB 67/72, WB 55/57, RH 55/57, DP 50/43, WD NW/NW, WS 4/3-4 & gusts 8, VIS Good/ V Good except heavy haze to South, Sky Clr/Clr, Marine layer 1,800 @ 35 mi, heavy haze to S in PM.

Communications: Inservice CNF w/WX, Good LBR with BH, Pinos and RM. BH base radio worked well today.

Number of Visitors: 13/0 ytd 760

Additional Information:Fuel sticks 6 @ 1330.

HP Open October dates

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Open shifts for October:

Tuesday, 10/2

Monday, 10/8

Tuesday, 10/9

Thursday, 10/11

Wednesday, 10/17

Monday, 10/22

Tuesday, 10/23

Wednesday, 10/24

Tuesday, 10/30

Wednesday, 10/31


Help us keep our staffing percentage perfect.  Please contact me via scheduling.


Leif Blensly L/O 6

High Point Tower Leader




Boucher Hill LBR Base not working correctly

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The LBR base station at BH cannot transmit for some reason but receives ok. Until further notice, please use the handheld LBR from the red box. The power cord for this should already be plugged into a power outlet.

Dont forget to set the radio to the correct channel/sub channel.

For those that havent used the handheld lbr before, it uses rechargeable batteries and you cannot transmit while it is plugged into power.