Los Pinos: Los Pinos for Wed, 10/09/19

From:Curt Waite
1st Lookout:-, (T)

In Service: 0730 – 1800 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:1525: Confirmation Rpt., 347° 13mi. Med, bldg, grey. Structure into the vegetation. Stopped@ 3 ac. Sherilton Valley. (Photo)

Weather:Clear. Cool (loser 60’s), breezy (WNW @15-20), RH 27% at in-service, 70% at end of shift.

Communications: Talked with all 3 N lookouts. HP was a little iffy.

Number of Visitors: 8; 4 Border Patrol, 3 OHV riders, and Fuels 43. 1033 on season.

Additional Information:Fuels-43, Jamie Rickard, was flagging area for a 300 ft. clearance around tower. To be completed sometime this century after archaeologists, biologists, zoologists sign off on it.