Los Pinos: Los Pinos for Thu, 06/13/19

From:Curt Waite
1st Lookout:99-Waite, Curt(T)

In Service: 0730 – 1800 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:One smoke in Mexico – 176 deg, 30’ – 11.5 mi., 1 mi inside Mex. Did not report at first; med., drifting, white. Thought it might be a debris burn. After 45 min. it really began to build and become very visible, obvious veg fire along Baja Hwy 2. So called in as info-only. Was asked if it was S of Hwy 2, but the hwy is not visible from the lookout. (see photo.)

Weather:Two weeks ago I didn’t think I would be saying this, but I am glad the cool weather and sea breezes have returned. After fighting 90+ cab temps, no breeze, deer flies and flying earwigs for two days the change is welcome. Low of 62 last night, max 68, highest wind gusts 30. Heavy marine layer back.

Number of Visitors: 12 for the week, 162 for the season.

Additional Information:Had a surprise visit from our new Forest Supervisor and one other lady from the SO. Very nice, laid-back, friendly lady. The smoke in Baja came up while she was here, so I had her plot it on the Osborne! Put in a good word for the volunteers.