Los Pinos: Los Pinos for Sun, 06/09/19

From:Dave Fleming
1st Lookout:23-Fleming, Dave(V)

In Service: 0730 – 1800 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:Did a smoke check of standard dump fire in MX. Small fire in Alpine, saw small smoke, by the time I was ready to report, smoke was gone and fire had been dispatched/extinguished. Training on Laguna Mountains with radio traffic all day the simulated real fire. (R5-TAC freq.)

Weather:Temps in the 70’s RH low 20’s………winds 35 mph-52 mph most of the day

Communications: R5-Tac tied up all day with training exercise at Laguna Mountain

Number of Visitors: 16

Additional Information:Very windy all day…Birds were walking, Flies were walking, Hummingbirds flew…but stayed on lee side of tower. Ravens had their fun flying backwards.