Los Pinos: Los Pinos for Sat, 06/29/19

From:Dave Fleming
1st Lookout:23-Fleming, Dave(V)

In Service: 0730 – 1800 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:0925: smoke 245 Deg. (22 miles) Over ridge of Otay Mtn. Had to use Otay Mtn camera to locate smoke by a landmark I could plot. While resolving distance, Cal Fire dispatched, missed first call! Called in to CNF anyway. Fire was around 28 acres. (see attached HPWREN edited image)

Weather:Cloudy all day with cirrus/altocumulus. Some virga and light rain. RH was very low in AM (5% / 10%) but increased to mid 40’s by mid day. Temps were in mid 60’s to low 70’s.

Communications: Good comms

Number of Visitors: 16 / 327

Additional Information:Had a visitor that was 6’11” tall visit the tower. (Our ceiling is 6’8″). Had to duck a lot coming up the ladder and had to stoop inside the cab! Fortunately was a very nice and polite guy. He could easily look through the spotting scope at the level Curt likes to leave it!