High Point: High Point for Wed, 10/09/19

From:Mike Downs
1st Lookout:18-Downs, Mike(V)

In Service: 0752 – 1659 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:None

Weather:am/pm: DRY 57/62; WET 38/47; HUM 15/35; DEW 9/34; WINDIR W/NNW; WINSPD 15-20/3-8; GUST –/–; GRDVIS VG/VG; SKY clear/clear; MARLYR 1500′ 15-20 mi inland/not visible-haze; SOW 0/0; TIME 0745/1230. Winds picked up again after 1600.

Communications: (1) Good comms w/CNF. (2) LBR comms with Pinos, BH, and Red Mtn were clear, but volume control not working, very faint. (3) VOIP phone working.

Number of Visitors: 0 for day; 870 YTD.

Additional Information:(1) Fuel sticks 5 @ 1400 hrs. (2) Catwalk key present. (3) Did not raise flags in morning due to winds; was able to raise mid-day, only to have have to strike colors at approx 1615 due to increasing winds.