High Point: High Point for Wed, 06/12/19

From:Bill Kaiser
1st Lookout:73-Kaiser, Bill(C)

In Service: 0840 – 1657 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:

Weather:DB (73/79), WB (53/56), Hum. (29/25), DP (39/41), Winds South/Southwest or South/ Southeast all day, 7-9 mph in the morning and 15-20 in the afternoon. Ground Vis. Good in the morning, improving with south winds and then deteriorating slightly in the late afternoon because of smoke/haze. Sky cirrus to the south all day, otherwise clear. Marine layer 1500 ft. inland to 23 miles, then retreating. Weather update for wind increase (15-20 mph) at 1356.

Communications: CO2 sensor chirping on arrival. Replaced batteries with new from drawer and still a chirping sound. I will test battery from drawer tonight and notify tower leader of results.
Good comms with CNF.
Good comms with and Boucher and Red Mountain on LBR. No contact with Pinos on LBR.
Red Mountain contacted me several times during the day. They came in with some static.

Number of Visitors: 1

Additional Information:Saw a fox on the road south of the tower early in the day.
Scott McClintock contacted me on the VOIP phone requesting photos and dimensions of the lightning stool. Those were sent, per his request.