High Point: High Point for Tue, 10/08/19

From:Stephen Ruesch
1st Lookout:82-Ruesch, Stephen(C)

In Service: 0822 – 1659 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:None.

Weather:DB: 62/63, WB: 44/47, RH: 24/32, DP: 25/33, WD: N/NW, WSpd: 5-7/7-9. Gusts: none. Grd Vis: Good 20 miles with haze/Good 15 miles w/increasing haze. SKY: clear all directions/scattered altocumulus in SE, others clear. Marine Layer: Coastal/Not visible.

Communications: 0822 In service CNF w/WX.
0825 VOIP has dial tone.
0915 LBR good w/Boucher, Pinos and Red Mtn.
1659 Out of Service with CNF.

Number of Visitors: 0/0 = 0, YTD 870.

Additional Information:– Cat walk key checked OK.
– Fuel sticks 4 at 1400.
– The black white board marker at Palomar Station is nearly dried up.
– Windex wipe to all windows inside and out in view of expected guests end of this week.