High Point: High Point for Sun, 11/24/19

From:Shane Harris
1st Lookout:1-Harris, Shane(T)

In Service: 0751 – 1558 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:None

Weather:Am/Pm: dry 48/55, wet 34/42, rh 23/36, dew 12/29, wind dir se/se, wind speed 16-18/5-6mph,Ground Vis VG 20+miles, Sky conditions Cirrus to the N/E/S, clear to the West/ Clear all directions, Marine Layer not visible

Communications: For Net clear, Voip and LBR ok.

Number of Visitors: 2 for the day. 1097 for the year

Additional Information:The Davis console is not reading wind. I reset it twice with no luck. I folded a bunch of towels that were used in the last rain around the leaks. These will be needed again in a few days.

The magnetic name/date board at Palomar station is on its last legs but will last the remainder of the season. Road is in good condition.

A good night in the tower last night, not too chilly (about 42°)