High Point: High Point for Sun, 06/30/19

From:Andy Jeninga
1st Lookout:80-Jeninga, Andy(C)

In Service: 0805 – 1705 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:none

Weather:Am-db-69,wb-48,Hum25,dp-32,wd-West, WS-10, VG vis, SC – clear with Altocumulus in east all others clear. ML-coastal
PM – db-69,wb-47,hum-19,DP-25,wd-NW,WS-3, vG vis, cummulus in east then cleared out in late afternoon,. ML coastal. Haze in N& W made it difficult to see further than 35 miles

Communications: Voip phone did not have dial tone. pulled power cord and Cat5 and reset.

Number of Visitors: 13 annual total 353