High Point: High Point for Sun, 06/09/19

From:Shane Harris
1st Lookout:1-Harris, Shane(T)

In Service: 0833 – 1656 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:None

Weather:A warm day in the mid 70’s. Winds were 26-32 mph out of the East all day. At about 1215 I did a weather update for winds gusting to 45 mph. Ground vis was very good, 20+ miles with light haze

It was a no burn day by proclamation with elevated fire danger

Communications: Good comms with ECC. LBR comms with BH and LP, no response from RM. VOIP phone worked until mid afternoon when I had to reboot it.

Number of Visitors: 2 for the day, 214 for the year