High Point: High Point for Sat, 06/29/19

From:Andy Jeninga
1st Lookout:80-Jeninga, Andy(C)

In Service: 0815 – 1813 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:one smoke North side of Mount Eden on Gilman Springs Road, Smoke was reported at 11:28 by others and it was 4 minutes before the smoke could be seen from HP tower/ Monitored it during the day and it was extinguished approximately 13:40

Weather:AM – wb-69,db-44, Hum-11, DP 12 WD-SW, WS-7, VG Vis, Altocummulus clouds, ML 1800 @ 20M
pm – wb-70, db-49, hum-23, DP-31, WD-NW, WS-7, good vis, Altocummulus.

Communications: mostly quiet, Spoke to Los Pinos in AM regarding a smoke report near border.

Number of Visitors: Am-3, PM – 6 annual 340

Additional Information:OVN – wind speed picked up making it a bit cool in the cab.