High Point: High Point for Mon, 07/01/19

From:Mike Shaw
1st Lookout:44-Shaw, Mike(V)

In Service: 0810 – 1657 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:Many small fires in the Southland not visible from High Point. At 1610 I talked to Pinos on the VOIP about a big smoke at 121 degrees from High Point and a long way away. His 90 degree reading put it off our maps near El Centro.

Weather:Low 70’s, 20% humidity, NW winds that increased to 15-20 mph in the afternoon, clear skies and no marine layer to speak of. Very good visibility.

Communications: Good LBR with Boucher and Red Mtn. VOIP with Pinos.

Number of Visitors: 0 for 353 on the year.

Additional Information:Palomar Station told me last week that they are preparing for a controlled burn at the north end of Palomar Divide Rd. There was a crew out there today.