High Point: High Point for Mon, 06/10/19

From:Leif Blensly
1st Lookout:6-Blensly, Leif(T)

In Service: 0833 – 1719 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:None

Weather:DB 71/76; WB 50/52; H 24/21; DP 32/33. Winds from E 2-4 mph. Vis VG 25+ miles. Scattered cirrus. No marine layer.

Communications: Good comms with CNF; LBR with BH and Pinos. No contact with Red Mtn.

Number of Visitors: 0

Additional Information:BH had all of the activity today. A quiet day at HP. Time to cook supper (OVN).

Did have a Hummingbird visit the cab this morning while I was on the catwalk. Of course my phone/camera was in the cab, so no picture.