High Point: High Point for Fri, 10/11/19

From:Kathy Pratschner
1st Lookout:55-Pratschner, Kathy(V)

In Service: 0758 – 2200 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:none

Weather:AM dry 51, wet 33, RH 10, DP neg 5, I thought that was a mistake but Pinos and BH had similar readings. Wind E at 16-18. Vis VG and clear skies.
PM 50, 36, RH 26 and DP 16. Winds increased to 20-25 steadily then finally died down around 5pm. Visibility reduced to fair/good with lots of haze.

Communications: CNF good. Good LBR with Pinos, Red Mtn and Boucher. Good phone with Pinos and Boucher.

Number of Visitors: 1

Additional Information:Lots of activity in Riverside and San Bernardino, haze but no smoke visible. Local resources are being sent to the Saddle Ridge fire in LA. CNF responded to fire in Proctor Valley area late this afternoon.
I’m technically still in service but advised CNF that I was extending and then OVN.
CNF advised tomorrow am start 0800, pm hours not indicated. Fenton advised.
We are ready for conference tours tomorrow.