High Point: High Point for Fri, 06/28/19

From:Joyce Childs
1st Lookout:39-Childs, Joyce(V)
2nd Lookout: 38-childs,C(V)

In Service: 0850 – 1655 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:none

Weather:light winds, warm in the cab in AM. breezes picked up as day went on making it more comfortable. vis very good in AM to 20 miles very hazy farther out. haze increased as day went on.

Communications: All good. Red Mtn staffed today. informed them on controlled burn from previous day near Idyllwild

Number of Visitors: 1

Additional Information:Unremarkable day. attempted to access RAWS a few times per the instructions to no avail. experienced this on several occasions last season.

Shanes Note: USFS Comms are contacting the people responsible for RAWS to see if there have been any changes. I will have an update next week.