FFLA Western Conference

The FFLA Western Conference was held in Escondido over the weekend. I’d like to thank Scott McClintock for all his hard work and efforts in organizing the conference and making it a great success. I would also like to thank … Read More

High Point: High Point for Sat, 10/12/19

From:Kathy Pratschner 1st Lookout:55-Pratschner, Kathy(V) In Service: 0800 – 1715 :Out of Service Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:none Weather:temp 51-65, RH 46-20, DP 31-22, wind SE, 6 am-20 pm. visibility G, clear with haze, becoming thick in afternoon. Communications: LBR and … Read More

Boucher Hill: Boucher Hill for Sat, 10/12/19

From:F Sue 1st Lookout:8-Sue, F(T) In Service: 0935 – 1705 :Out of Service Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:None Weather:D-60/64, W-43/45, H-23/21, DP-22/23, Wind-sw@4-6/s@10-12, Vis-vg/vg with haze, Sky-clr/clr, ML-coastal/none Communications: Good comms with CNF. LBR with HP & RM. VOIP operational. **For … Read More