Boucher Hill Lookout: Wed, 04/01/20

From:Don Piller
1st Lookout: 12-Piller,D(T)
2nd Lookout: 1-Harris,S(T)
3rd Lookout: 8-Sue,F(T)

Boucher Hill Lookout – In Service 0843 Out of Service 1657
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:A great day for lighting strikes. 17 in the morning and 22 afternoon. No Smoke or Fire

Weather:Thunderstorms moving up from Mexico all day. Following normal pattern of between Cayamaca and Mt Laguna, up into Warner Ranch and then moving east and dissipating in the desert.

Communications: Radio’s all operational. WiFi loud and clear for internet communications

Number of Visitors: Park is Closed so no visitors.

Additional Information:Interesting day
Friend grazing past tower
More friends
Don’t you wish you had this view