Boucher Hill for 12/01/2018

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From:Randy Lowenstein
1st Lookout:88-Lowenstein, Randy(V)
2nd Lookout: 89-Lowenstein,D (V)

In Service: 0736 – 1547 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:1505hrs. smoke @ 277° @ 28mi. on Camp Pendleton (info only) within 10 minutes after seeing the smoke the clouds moved back in and was unable to see, no lightning or other incidents

Weather:am=DB37/39, WB35/39, humidity 84%/ 100%, DP33°/39°, wind W@5/ S/SW@12 w/gusts to 18, visibility Poor heavy fog/ Poor w/heavy fog, clouds finally cleared @ 1405 w/ 7mi visibility, only lasted 1hr. and then zero visibility.

Communications: Good clear communication w/ CNF & Surcom & HP on the LBR, VOIP was out of order, after reset it worked good. Very light radio traffic.

Number of Visitors: am=9, pm=25, Daily Total=34, Yearly Total=10601

Additional Information:Outside temp remained @ 37° all day, 40° in cab upon arrival.
While locking up the lower gate after my shift I glanced back up the road and saw what looked like a small mountain lion, it stood there and stared at me then turned and strolled up the hill.( unable to get a pix) I spoke with Jessica and she felt that based on my description it could possibly be a mtn. lion. She was going to investigate further. A few shifts back I read in the blog another sighting was made and at first thought to be a feral cat, but may have been the same mtn. lion I saw today. Jessica stated that there were no feral cats on the mtn. I cleaned all woodwork inside of the cab & swept floors & stairs and cleaned handrails. Charged all radio batteries. Until next season, Happy Holidays….. KCB591