Boucher Hill: Boucher Hill for Wed, 10/09/19

From:John Downing
1st Lookout:29-Downing, John(T)
2nd Lookout: 30-Downing, P(T)

In Service: 0837 – 1658 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:None

Weather:DB:57/61;WB:45/54;H:40/66;DP:33/49;W:W@6/SSW@7-9;V:EX/GD;Clear/Clear;ML:1700@26Mi. Nice day temp. wise. By 2:30PM vis was down to 8 miles.

Communications: All good.

Number of Visitors: 10 for 8052

Additional Information:Nice helicopter flyby in PM. Structure/vegetation fire in Descanso area was under control by 1700. Visit by 3 members of CDD resources department. NOTE: Poss. power outage due to winds Th. and Fri. Charged all batteries in preparation.