Boucher Hill: Boucher Hill for Wed, 06/12/19

From:Kati Cowan
1st Lookout:11-Cowan,KC)
2nd Lookout: 10-Cowan, E(C)
3rd Lookout: 8-Sue,F(T)

In Service: 0824 – 1709 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:Informational smoke reports = 2 
1st) at 1302 hours, 278 degrees, 30 miles on Pendleton, Medium, moderate, light grey, cannot see base
2nd) 1406 hours, 273 degrees, 27 miles on Pendleton, medium, building, white, cannot see base

Weather:75/79, 55/60, 29/35, 40/49, SE 3-6 miles, Ground visibility good, clear with afternoon alto stratus to the South.
AM Marine layer 1500 ft at 23 miles

Communications: Comms all good with Cleveland and Surcom and VOIP; LBR with High Point and Pinos

Number of Visitors: 8 visitors AM / 19 PM, Season Total 1838

Additional Information:Park Maintenance removed Hornet’s nest from outhouse
Checked catwalk key, About 1640 visited by a soaring bald eagle off south side of the tower.