Boucher Hill: Boucher Hill for Tue, 11/26/19

From:Kathy Wollman
1st Lookout:48-Wollman, Kathy(C)

In Service: 0746 – 1557 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:None

Weather:Dry 38/46. Wet 30/35. H 40/33 (and 69 by 1545). Dew 16/18. Dir NE/S. Sp 3-6/8-11. Vis g/g. Sky clr w/ scattered cumulus and cirrus to N&E hazy s&w/scattered cirrus and cumulus building. No marine layer. Time 0740/1244.

Communications: 0750 VoIP and lbr with hp clear. Catwalk key in place. Cal fire here working in the green shed to remove the backup generator.

Number of Visitors: Day 46. YTD 10453

Additional Information:My last scheduled shift in the tower was quiet and uneventful. Best wishes to all.