Boucher Hill: Boucher Hill for Tue, 10/08/19

From:John Clark
1st Lookout:41-Clark, John(T)

In Service: 0842 – 1655 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:None

Weather:DB 66/69, WB 47/51, HUM 23/29, DP 27/36, WD N/NW, WS 5/4-8, GV VG, Sky conditions Clear, Marine layer was coastal.

Communications: Good communication, LBR, CNF, SURCOM. VOIP was working as well. Key is in lockbox. Good wifi connection.

Number of Visitors: 22/10=32 8042ytd

Additional Information:Will from SP conducted a geology class for a group of home school kids and also toured the tower. 1245 hrs Paul from SP power washed and cleaned bathroom. Found a small dried out dead scorpion on stairs from cab. Did not find anything in traps.