Boucher Hill: Boucher Hill for Fri, 06/28/19

From:John Downing
1st Lookout:29-Downing, John(T)
2nd Lookout: 30-Downing, P(T)

In Service: 0844 – 1659 :Out of Service
Smokes, Lightning & Incidents:None

Weather:DB:68/68;WB:43/58;H:7/57;DP:1/52;W:W/SE;@:1-2/4-5;Vis:VG/G;Sky: Clr/Cir S&E;ML: 1800 @24Mi.

Communications: All comms. good. LBR with HPt. & R. Mtn. strong and clear.

Number of Visitors: 9/4=13 Total: 2931

Additional Information:Visit at 12:10 : Gina Moran, Superintendent Ca. State Parks, Colorado Desert District, Shay McGee, Norb Ruhmke. Reviewing future uses of facility. 1130: Full response to vegetation fire on the border (Border Fire) near Campo including helicopters and bulldozers. Units being released mid-afternoon.