2019 State Park Changes – Please Read

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Hi Everyone,

There are a few of changes this season for Boucher people so I’ve decided to list them all in one email. Please read it carefully and let me know if you have any questions. We will go over these at reconnect. A couple of the changes overlap with other changes so I’ve mentioned them below in the most appropriate place.
1.Driving Times / Driving Hours / Defensive Driving Course:
Starting in 2019 Your driving hours no longer count towards your duty hours, this is due to a liability issue. Your duty hours will start when you sign in at the kiosk and will end when you sign out at the end of the day.  You will have to complete the online defensive driving course that I mentioned in a previous email because once inside the park you are driving your personal vehicle on state duty. The link for that course is here https://ddt.dgs.ca.gov/ On completion of the course you will have to print out a certificate. You need to sign and date the certificate and either include the certificate with your reconnect paperwork emailed or mailed to me or bring it to reconnect. The certificate is good for 4 years.
An example is: Last season you had an 8 hour shift with 2 hours driving each way, so you would have recorded 12 hours total for the day. Lets assume this season you arrive at the park kiosk at 0800 and you leave the park kiosk at 1730 then you will record your hours as 9 hrs 30 min. If you were doing an OVN, then your duty hours would stop at the end of the shift. OVN hours have never been counted towards your state park hours so there is no change there.
If you are a person that itemize their taxes and writes off the FFLA driving miles, there is no impact on that, as you would continue to keep a record of your mileage for taxes, as miles and hours are different.
2. Logging your State Park Hours:
On 12/11/18 I sent every certified State Park Volunteer an email with their own user-name and temporary password and asked that everyone make sure they could log into that website. If you haven’t done that yet I suggest you do it well in advance of reconnect so if there is an issue then we have time to resolve it. If you cant find the email or didn’t get the email then please email me at training@ffla-sandiego.org so I can get your user-name/password to you. 
You will be required to log into the state website and record your hours, these will be used to determine your eligibility for the annual state park passes. You will still be required to send me your monthly hours at the end of each month for FFLA  records. The state park hours you log should match the hours you send me.
I will make a very simple powerpoint presentation that will show you how to use the website. It is very simple and quick to use.
Officers that have to log admin hours (that should only be Fenton and Sara), I will send you a separate email.
3. State Park Orientation Training: 
Some of you have already done this, but the state is rolling this training out over the next couple of seasons. You will have to do the training. At the moment it will be in Anza Borrego, this may change later and be closer but for right now it is where it is.
These are all part of a state wide system change and while they may seem like a pain in the butt, they are necessary.
If you have any questions, please email me or call my cell.

Do not reply to this email, email me directly at training@ffla-sandiego.org or call my cell 760-310-4879